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Addiction Therapist

There are two kinds of addictions – active and persistent addictions such that the addicitve behvaviour causes significant harm to one’s health, finances or relationships. Where the addiciton is chemical, it is important that those who work with me seek medical intervention and treatment as well.

However addictive behaviour can also be acute, or something that happens in discrete episodes.  In either case addictions cover-up fear and trauma, or they create artificial happiness where none exists.  Since the addiction is so good at doing its job there is little reason for someone to stop their behaviour and this is the challenging part, as they are often hurting themselves in the process.  Therapy for addictions really works on two fronts - discussing the actual substance being abused and the factors in one's life that cause the abuse.  

In the end though, recovery from addiction, like any other improvement in therapy, comes from one taking responsibility for the addiction.  There's a phrase that an addict simply gets "sick and tired of being sick and tired."  When you look at this kind of statement and how it results in healing, there is a sympathy, caring and respect that one has for one's self, and that is the goal of therapy for addictions - to build "self-support" so that external support is not needed, required or desired.


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