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Anger Management Treatment Toronto

Accepted By Most Healthcare Insuracne Plans
Don’t worry – if you see me for Anger Management, I’m not here to be a cop, preacher, teacher, parent or Dr Phil.  

If you're here you're either having trouble with your own anger, or you may be the loved one of someone who has anger issues.  What I have found in either case is that those who have anger issues have become disengaged with people close to them - and they recognize this!!  They fly into anger not because they don't care for the people around them but because they lose control.  They actually have a strong desire to get close to people around them by removing their reactive and seemingly uncontrolable stance.  This becomes the goal of anger management therapy - to get close to others without getting angry, and without compromising your own position, thoughts and feelings.  Anger management is not about simply doing what others want you to do - rather it is about figuring out how to get your own needs met without acting-out in an angry fashion.

Many therapists want to do a lot of psycho-educational teaching about the value of anger and deep touchy-feely emotional work.  There may be a time and place for that, but I would rather be a straight-shooting therapist who tells it like it is.  People who see me for anger management want this honest perspective on who they are and their lives.  They tend to be very direct with me and I appreciate this.  My work with Anger Management has been informed with over 1,000 hours of therapy for those involved in court cases, so I have a good system of dealing with these issues.  I ususally work with anger over a period of 3-6 months, meeting weekly or every other week.

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