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Chronic Illness Therapy

Those going through a chronic illness, pain or infertility often use psychotherapy to put their life into perspective.

I have seen clients who become much more alive having confronted the physical issues they are dealing with.  Hoping and wishing turns into grounded action guided by wisdom and compassion.  In fact, clients who face these issues tend to have the largest quantum of improvement when psychotherapy is effective.  The main reason is that people who face illness, pain or infertility are willing to let go of themselves and are eager to re-examine their lives.  In the specific case of infertility, clients develop the courage to try new techniques, consider new options or try the process again with different results.

However, having described the above possibilities available to those with illness, pain or infertility, the obstacles are also significant.  Depression and anxiety are very common responses to these conditions, and once they take hold, it is often difficult for someone to regain their original disposition.  The goal in treating individuals beset by by depression and anxiety when facing a health problem is to work to realize that anxiety and depression themselves are simply normal reactions to the kind of trauma that is being faced.  In therapy we work through what that reaction is saying to you about your condition, your past regrets and your hopes for the future.


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