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Let's Help You Get Over Depression!

Is it possible to be passionate about working with those who have depression?

It happens when a small subtle smile come across a patient's face for the first time in a while.  And after 3-6 months when a patient is thankful that a psychotherapy treatment finally returns them to normal life and functioning. When you have depression, you may be sad all the time or more than normal. You may feel that you can’t do anything – and then you may find doing things you need (like work or basic everyday tasks) becomes exceedingly difficult. You may over-sleep, under-eat and even isolate yourself.  You may feel emotionally and physically numb.

I take it very seriously that you are here on my website.  Please read any of my recent blog posts below that discuss my experience and understanding of working with depression.  I try to make them as entertaining and as informative as possible.

CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic Therapy For Depression - Oh My!!!
Living In The Grey Zone Is Better Than Depressive Black & White Thinking (BONUS - Watch A Video & Get To Play Therapist)
Humour And Humanity In Treating Depression
The World Is Divided Into Two Groups - Those Who Understand Depression & Those Who Have No Clue

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