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Treatment for Anxiety

Accepted By Most Healthcare Insurance Plans
Calm Down!  Those words are much easier said than done for people who are anxious. 

The what-if’s, the recurring thoughts and even the fears can be debilitating.  The best clinical advice I heard from a very seasoned therapist in Toronto about treating anxiety is this – “With depressed people, you want to make sure you lift them up during the session, and with anxious people, you want to make sure you calm them down.”  To me that’s good news for those with anxiety who are seeking therapy, because your sessions are what is truly meant by the definition of therapy – a process that is designed to be somehow settling and constructive.  The goal then is this – taking what is done in the session and applying it to your everyday life to reduce your stress.  As such, you have something to try outside the session, and even if it doesn’t work, you have the opportunity to explore why in the subsequent appointment.  The end result – facing your fears becomes manageable, and dare I say, slightly easier.

Some other resources that may help you are some blog posts I have -  When Do You Know It's Time To See A Therapist, The Limits Of Getting Self-Help From Friends And Family and Really, Really Tough Questions About Therapy.  I also have a really old but characteristic video of how I conduct therapy.

To book your initial consultation and find-out more about exactly how I work with anxiety, please feel free to contact me.  I answer all my communications within 36 hours.

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