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How Long Will Therapy Take & Session Frequency

It is difficult to say how long therapy will take without a proper consultation, and even then it is challenging to commit to a timeframe.

Often during a successful course of therapy, the patient, along with the therapist, knows when it is time for therapy to come to an end. I can say on average that I tend to work with patients for about six months to a year.

Session frequency is typically every week, or every two weeks. In some cases it is common to start the first half of therapy every week and then the second half every two weeks. With my type of therapy, this frequency is ideal for two reasons. First, with sessions happening more frequently, like every few days, patients often do not have enough time to think about our discussion, or try things on their own in their own lives. Second, with sessions that occur less frequently than every two weeks, the process tends to lose momentum, ideas become stale and memories and initiative tend to fade.

One important task that will be covered in the first session is determining the right length of time and frequency of sessions that will work for both of us.

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