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Social Phobia Treatment

People with shyness and social phobia are often very caring, sensitive and highly intellectual people who often have deep and meaningful thoughts and ideas that they wish to share.

However, self-expression is often limited by many beliefs about their own self-esteem and the reactions that they think they may encounter from others. In many cases shy people feel that they will not be understood or accepted for their contributions. Shyness and social phobia can also cause fears of public speaking and possibly hinder job performance and relationships with friends and family.

The good news is that people suffering from shyness and social phobia know what they want to say - even if that means they don't have anything to say in a situation. When working with people who have shyness and social phobia, I do two things. I look at the issues that cause anxiety in them, and at the same time, therapy is not there to change people into "outgoing extroverts". Rather, the goal is to give those that face these challenges the tools they need to express themselves when and how they want to.

To watch an old video of how I work with someone who feels they have social anxiety, feel free to click this link and enjoy!


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