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Therapy for Other Therapists

The journey towards competence and confidence as a therapist starts with becoming aware of what you don’t know and addressing it through a combination of personal therapy and  education. 

The new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario has really helped to ensure that psychotherapy is practiced by well-trained individuals who are practicing safely and in the best interests of patients. But are therapists effective at their art? Are you struggling to keep patients or build a practice? Do you have blind spots or triggers but do not know how to address them? Do you understand the theory but not the practice of psychotherapy? 

I provide therapy for therapists seeking to address issues such as: 

  • Therapist self-disclosure 
  • Practice marketing 
  • Getting through the first few sessions 
  • Patients who terminate therapy early, or do not return 
  • Building an effective therapeutic relationship with clients 
  • Addressing boundaries 
  • Defining the purpose of therapy 
  • Feelings of ineffectiveness, inadequacy, anxiety and guilt 
  • Pricing, contacts and office location


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