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Brian BaumalI am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO #3731)

My Influences

Though I have trained as a Gestalt Therapist, many therapists tend to have their own outlooks on life and the therapeutic experience. I tend to focus on existential and humanistic philosophy. Though this may make me sound much more distinguished than I actually am, it is worthwhile to understand how those outlooks benefit you in therapy.  With an existential focus, we fearlessly, compassionaly and excitedly examine very fundamental structures of your life, including such concepts as ultimate responsibilty and the mechanics of how you derive meaning about yourself and about the situations in which you find yourself.

A humanistic approach means that you have it within you to solve most of your problems on your own, without much direct advice and help from me. We will look at blind spots that you may have to your own strengths, and examine how you block yourself from using those strengths.

Combining those two issues togeher for a moment, imagine if you had to take responsibility for yourself right now - this very second - what would you do? Would you still be doing what you're doing now, or something different? That is the choice we have every moment we live, and if you think about it further, that freedom and choice is something that can fill us with significant hope or unfortunately it can fill us with a lot of dread and angst. It is not my goal to tell you how you should be living your life every second, but it my goal is largely to help you balance between those existential extremes.


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