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Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Journey

2008 x Today

Sometimes psychotherapists will specialize in areas that are close to their heart, and weight is certainly one that is close to mine.

In 2008, this was my appearance, and have now achieved a normal weight. During this time, I was involved in personal therapy, and while there was no doubt my weight was a significant issue, neither I nor my therapists uttered a word regarding my appearance or addressed weight loss. That is to say, my weight has now been under control for over three years by addressing the root psychological causes of my weight, as opposed to having therapists directly work on it. This is the type of therapy that I offer for others struggling with their weight as well.

Psychodynamic therapy is suitable to address weight loss issues if:

  • You wish to understand yourself and realize that your weight is a function of your psyche as well as your physical health – in other words, you wish to find out why you cannot lose weight.
  • You are willing to take the time necessary to explore yourself so that the therapy will work
  • You cannot seem to start weight loss, or prevent yourself from starting.
  • You are in the process of losing weight but feel that you may give up.
  • You have tried before to lose weight but realize that you, and your emotions are preventing you from achieving your goals.

This type of exploration may not be appropriate if:

  • You have any urgent medical needs to be addressed by your weight and cannot take the time to explore deeper issues. If you do have urgent medical needs, it is best to discuss this with your doctor and determine if your issues can be controlled and managed while you engage in therapy.
  • If you are expecting weight loss advice, or need direct help with diet or exercise. I do not provide any information regarding weight loss methods and am not qualified to do so.
  • You expect to lose weight quickly.
  • You expect the sole focus of therapy to be about tracking your weight loss, creating a customized weight loss program for you, or providing psychological inducements that will quickly start your weight loss.

Please note if you authorize it I can work with or share information with your physician as necessary.


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