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Brian Baumal

Brian Baumal, Toronto Psychotherapist - Accepted By Most Extended Health Care Insurance Plans

In today’s world, if you’re wrestling with a problem or wanting to make change you no longer have to ask yourself “where do I turn”? With all the self-help options available, the real question is “What is going to work?” Psychotherapy works because it is a structured process that addresses your issues and symptoms through responsible, ordered, safe and rigorous exploration. I also belive that with hope and healing comes a bit of humour and humanity.  I am not one of those therapists that sits silently asking how you feel. While emotional recognition is a part of change, if I repeadly ask you "How do you feel about that?" feel free to throw a Kleenex box at me.  Constantly harping on that aspect of therapy is not a very human approach.

To understand me, psychotheapy and my approach a bit further, I have three blog posts that may be of interest - When Do You Know It's Time To See A Therapist, The Limits Of Getting Self-Help From Friends And Family and Really, Really Tough Questions About Therapy.

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Conditions   Couple   Self-Improvement

Address Psychological Conditions

When it is time to combat issues such as depression, anxiety, OCD or PTSD.

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Engage In Effective Couples Counselling

You and your partner want to address issues in your relationship and want to lead a better life together.

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Make Real Change With Deep Self-Improvement

Explore the “real you” and get past the blocks that keep you where you are.

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Life Events   Anger Management   Weight Loss

Cope With Sudden Life Events

The death of a loved one, divorce, job loss or diagnosis of an illness can leave you feeling angry, sad and confused. Work through your feelings and learn how to live again.

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Stop Anger With Proper Anger Management

Learn how to avoid acting on your anger, and put it into perspective so that you can have safe and nurturing relationships.

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Weight Loss

Get your weight under control by addressing the root psychological that are causing them.

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