Brian Baumal is a Toronto Psychotherapist working with the following:

- Anger Management
- Self-Confidence/Esteem/Image
- Stress Management
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Self-Improvement/Personal Growth
- Shyness/Social Phobia
- Divorce
- Chronic Illness
- Grief Counselling
- Relationship Issues
- Addictions
- Personal Injury

Though I am not a psychotherapist that takes OHIP, my services can be covered under most extended health plans. Please contact me for more information.


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I appreciate you visiting my site.  I see patients facing a number of difficulties.  Details about the various conditions and circumstances I treat can be found down the left side of the page.

I am not one of those therapists that sits silently asking how you feel. While emotions do lead to change, if I repeadly ask you "How do you feel about that?" feel free to throw a Kleenex box at me. None-the-less, the process of therapy can be challenging, but the rewards are worth it.  You will make fundamental change and have more empahty and patience for yourself, those around you and your circumstances.

I practice in mid-town, very close to TTC, and have free parking. I answer all inquires from this website 24 hours. If you need to see someone quickly, I can accomodate rush, evening and weekend appointments.


Along with the links on the left to specific areas of my practice, I have been told that three other parts of my site are useful - When Do You Know It's Time To See A Therapist, The Limits Of Getting Self-Help From Friends And Family and Really, Really Tough Questions About Therapy.

If what you see interests you feel free to call me or fill-out the form on the right.






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April 2013

Our Relationship With Work

Apr, 30 2013 1:23 PM
Brian Baumal

Next week I will be giving a talk to a wonderful group called MindShift in Toronto , on such topics as depression, mental health, setting limits other issues regarding people'e relationship to work.

I thought I may share some of the topics I will be discussing at that talk.


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Why Do Therapists Say "There Is Effective Help For Depression"?

Apr, 12 2013 10:57 AM
Brian Baumal

When you suffer from depression, it may seem like "effective treatment" is a world away for you.  Why though, when you listen to therapists and other professionals talk do they often repeat the phrase "There is effective help for depression"? There are any number of reasons why this is done,...

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 Brian Baumal - Certified Gestalt Therapist, Professional Member OACCPP

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